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 border crossingangola/zambia

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Data de inscrição : 13/03/2012

MensagemAssunto: border crossingangola/zambia   Ter Mar 13, 2012 9:28 pm

i plan an overland trip from cape town to europe, and there is a part between east angola and west zambia which is not clear where i can pass.
i have been travelling quite a lot on western zambia side , up to kalabo and as well chavuma, so always close to the border, but, from angola i ve not clear where the border is passable with a vehicle (heavy unimog 12 tons). so the information i m looking for is - the border itself - if passable or not - and the access to the border - ferry or not - ferry large enough ..
to reach chavuma (caripande( on angola side) it seems there is a river crossing at lumbala, but i dont know if there is a ferry that can take my truck? or there is another route possible from the north and the main road.
else it seems the other border crossing, is west of liuwa plains NP , but , i know the pontoon in kalabo cannot take my truck
does anyone have an idea where is it possibe to cross to reach west zambia?
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border crossingangola/zambia
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